Hydraulic Concrete Screed Drive Kit and 5.2m Tube

From £1,850.00

This 5.2m Hydraulic Roller Striker kit offers a great all-in-one setup with all the essential parts you need:

  • Drive (With Guard)
  • 10m Hose Set
  • 5.2m Tube
  • Guide

Setting it up is quick and hassle-free, involving the connection of two pull handles and a hose to the power source.

One of the impressive features of this system is its virtually self-cleaning nature, the tube only requires a light hosing down, making maintenance hassle-free.

It’s also highly manoeuvrable which further enhances its usability, making it effortlessly effective in striking off suspended floors, slopes, and even very large areas.

**Please note** – The last picture in the gallery featuring the item in action is for reference only, as it features a much larger tube than the 5.2m one included with this kit.